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verbo transitivo e intransitivo
1. ter ganas [for, de]; estar mortinho fig. [for, por]
2. suspirar, ansiar [for, por]; to crave for a drink ansiar por uma bebida
3. (gravidez) sentir desejos [for, de]
4. sentir necessidade [for, de]
5. suplicar, implorar;
to crave for mercy implorar misericórdia

Got the right house
But the wrong address
I should have my head examined
I finally found the difference between
A kiss and germ warfare
I siphoned gasoline
Your eyes, your ears, your mouth, your nose
Your arms, your legs, your heart, your soul
Touch me, touch me, touch me, touch me
My body craves your touch
A snapshot of you
Tucked in my shoe
So close and yet so far from you
I'm sitting at the back of the bus
I picture you driving
Your rearview mirror eyes
(Repeat Chorus)
I crave you
I crave you
A prisoner
I'm the warden too
Nothin' worse than self made misery
If Moses truly parted the sea
Then can I quit smoking
My miracles run weak, yes they do

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