domingo, abril 17, 2011

A mensagem desta música deveria ser um guia para todos nós. 

"Well, there's a bridge and there's a river That I still must crossAs I'm going on my journeyOh, I might be lostAnd there's a road I have to followA place I have to goBut no one told me just how to get thereBut when I get there I'll know'Cause I'm taking it...Step by stepBit by bitStone by stoneBrick by brickStep by stepDay by dayMile by mileGo your own wayAnd this old road is rough and ruinSo many dangers along the waySo many burdens might fall upon meSo many troubles I have to faceBut I won't let my spirit fail meBut I won't let my spirit goUntil I get to my destinationI'm gonna take it slow Because I'm taking it...chorusSay baby, don't give upYou've got to hold on to what you've gotOh, baby, don't give upYou've go to keep on movingDon't stopYeah, yeahI know you're hurtingI know you're blueI know you're hurtingBut don't let the bad things get to youI'm taking it...chorusC'mon baby, gotta keep movin"

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